Fine sheet metal
in 5 days.

  • checkHigh speed
  • checkHigh quality
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The reason for 5 day deadlines

  • Difficult shapeDifficult shape
  • Deep drawingDeep drawing
  • Thin plate diaphragmThin plate diaphragm


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The Aiki factory is located in Osaka, Japan. You might expect that deliveries from Japan will be slow, due to the long distance from your country. However, the speed of Aiki’s programming, planning, and manufacturing are so much faster than the competition that you won’t even feel the lead time. We can supply high quality products on short deadlines. It depends on the shape of the product, but most products are delivered in 5 days.


Laser (Fiber, Co2), Press, NC Vendor, Wire-electrical discharge machine, Measuring machine

  • Laser


  • Press machine

    Press machine

  • NC Vendor

    NC Vendor

  • Measuring machine

    Measuring machine

Sample Works

  • Stainless : t=1mm

    Stainless : t=1mm

  • Copper+Plating : t=0.8mm

    Copper+Plating : t=0.8mm

  • Aluminum : t=0.6mm

    Aluminum : t=0.6mm

  • Steel : t=0.6mm

    Steel : t=0.6mm


Aiki is a manufacturer of precision sheet metal that takes commissioned order-made thin sheet metal machining. We use diverse laser machining and deep drawing technology, as well as bending techniques, in order to supply covers for precision electronic parts and complex shapes. Aiki's precision sheet metal technology support prototype development at automotive, appliance, and precision machinery manufacturers. We have earned high esteem from our user companies for our ability to deliver high quality prototypes on short deadlines.

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TEL | +81-72-990-2861

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